About Us

We are located in beautiful Calgary, Alberta. We started this company in order to help businesses and property owners connect as well as to provide a platform to share signage and advertising space to anyone willing to participate in this new market initiative.

The Team


Chris Sumka

Chris grew up in Edmonton and moved to Calgary in 2011 to pursue mining engineering. He often visits Edmonton on weekends to visit his friends and family (especially his Babcia, Polish for Grandma). He also worked in real estate for several years as an agent but decided that part time real estate was not for him. He continues to work as a mining engineer.

Chris enjoys participating in many activities and sports both for fun and competition.  He Ukrainian danced for over 15 years but decided his knees needed a break and retired from it in 2015.  On August 23, 2020 he went skydiving for the first time. He probably won’t do that again.

Don’t try to find him on social media as he doesn’t use it (well a bit of SnapChat here and there). He’s known for quick, abrupt, and boring texts back so give him a phone call instead. If you see Chris at a pub patio or on the golf course, feel free to say hi to him anytime.


Nat Miletic

Nat Miletic was born in Belgrade, Serbia but now lives with his family in Calgary, Alberta.

Nat is a IT Leader and business owner with over 15 years of industry experience. He owns cliowebsites.com and is active on social media. You can find him on twitter using the @natmiletic handle.

Other than geeky stuff, Nat is also passionate about sports, reading, and outdoor life in general. He is happiest when he can help others get their business off the ground and make others professionally successful.

Our Vision

We are hoping to create a market where both private property owners, small businesses, seasonal event programs, local movements, and anything else signage related is able to connect and share advertising, signage, and private property space with mutually beneficial results.