Building a Website is Easy, Getting Traffic is Not

As we journey through our new concept in search for a market response, we find comfort in knowing our immediate friends and family seem to think our concept is unique and possible to promote.  What we failed to realize is that creating a website does not mean that the whole world will see your product overnight.

As we continue to learn and continue to spread the word, we will strive to minimize our costs while at the same time maximizing our user engagement by allowing our customers to have a good experience on our platform.  As our members grow, the user experience on the platform will become more useful for both property owners, sign owners, digital property owners, and digital sign owners.

We have decided to work with OneFluent marketing based out of Calgary AB to start a contest and drive more followers to our Instagram account @MyPropertyYourSign.  Details to come shortly on this contest.

Happy Holidays and all the best in 2021!


My Property Your Sign


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