Listing Tips and FAQs

Tips for Property Owners

It’s your property, you can place a sign/ad on it.  Whether you’re a golf course, a home, private land, a vehicle, or even a website (digital property), you can help local businesses and even earn some money by finding the right sign/ad owner for your property.

Consider your properties location and exposure to traffic.  If your property is not well exposed to traffic, you may not receive many or any inquiries, especially if you are seeking a fee.  Consider offering your property for free in this case and negotiate with a potential sign owner a discount on their services instead of charging them.

Be creative with where you’d be willing to place signage on or within your property

If you are seeking a fee from someone to place a sign, justify why you should receive a fee by being descriptive in your listing.  For example, you can indicate that your property has very good exposure. Or if you own digital property (website or other digital platform) you can indicate that you receive monthly traffic of a certain amount.

Understand the signage bylaws on signage in your local jurisdiction in order to avoid warnings from your jurisdiction.

Seek out signage that interests you.  You may be for or against a certain movement in your community.  This can include being for or against certain politics, or even for or against a new commercial building or business that is not yet approved to be built in your community.  We expect that people with extra signage on these topics will use our platform and you can connect with them in order to find signage that represents your views.

Sympathize with new or struggling local businesses and build a relationship with them through this platform.  If a local business would like to place a sign on your property consider offering it to them for free.

Contact the sign owner in the event of a sign getting lost due to weather or other reasons

Tips for Signage/Ad Owners

Be specific in your listing description of the size of your sign and upload clear photos of your sign so that potential property owners can decide if your sign is a fit for their property.

Ensure your sign looks professional in order to attract a potential property owner for your sign.

Consider offering a property owner some money or discounts on your services (assuming you are a business) in exchange for allowing you to put your sign on their property.

Locate properties that suit the size of the signage you own.  For example, if you have a very large sign, you would like to find a property such as private land or other avenues that can accommodate large signs. 

Be friendly and reach out to as many people as you’d like.

Respect the wishes of a potential property owner and negotiate fairly

If you are seeking a website (digital property) to place an ad, be descriptive on what type of ad you wish to place on a particular website.  Is it a video ad, or a banner ad?  Work with the digital property owner to tailor your vision and their vision of what it might look like.


Why would someone want to put their sign on my property?

This is the concept we are aiming to prove.  We believe that a sign on private property provides a unique confirmation that a certain business is well-liked by real people.  It acts as a testimonial for that business.  Seeing the same sign on a random street corner on public property may not be as convincing for some people.  In addition, a sign owner who places their sign on public property is more at risk of the sign being lost, stolen, vandalized, and even removed by a local jurisdiction for improper permissions of placement.  Signs cost money!  They are safer on private property.

What is “Digital Property?”

Digital Property is someone who owns a website or another digital platform.  From our website’s perspective this digital property owner is posting on our website find an exclusive “digital ad” for their digital platform.

What is a “Digital Ad?”

A digital ad is someone who is seeking to place their sign or advertisement on digital property.  From our website’s perspective, this person is posting on our website looking for “digital property” to advertise on.

What information do I need to provide to sign up?

All we require is your email address.  An automatically generated password will be sent to your email address.  You can later change your password in the “account settings” area of your dashboard.  Your new password will need to contain at least one uppercase letter and one number in order to be accepted as a new password.

Do I need to provide my address when posting a listing?

You will need to provide a location when posting your listing.  However, If you do not feel comfortable posting your exact address for a potential listing, you can consider picking a location on the map that is near your home, instead, by using the manual pin selection option on the map.  But keep in mind that at the end of the day, your property location will need to be shared by a potential sign owner in order for them to determine if they would or would not like to place their sign on your property.

Can I change my username?

You cannot change your username, it is auto generated. 

How come no one has contacted me yet?

We are still in proof of concept and it will take time for us to market our platform and build up our customers to the point that inquiries become a common occurrence. 

What may happen if I don’t follow signage bylaws in my jurisdiction?

There are signs all over the place, including on private property.  That being said, most cities and towns have their own property signage bylaws.  It is highly recommended that you follow the signage bylaws of you jurisdiction.  If you choose not to follow the signage bylaws of your jurisdiction, it is of our opinion that you will initially be warned by bylaw enforcers at which point you can assess how to comply with the warning in order to avoid receiving a fine.  It is of our opinion that a warning or a fine will only be issued if you get very extravagant with your creativity and start posting several overly large signs on your property, especially if your property is a home within the city.  If you follow bylaws and post normal sized signs like a normal person would (as per signage bylaws), it is of our opinion that you should not receive any warnings or fines.

Will I be scammed?

Our website does not process payments, so you will not be scammed by us!  All physical exchanges are done in person; no different than buying or selling something off of an in person exchange buy/sell website.  By now, we are all aware of the internet and the potential for people to try to take advantage of you.  Use your experience and best judgement to avoid any issues and please contact us in the event you have a suspicious experience so that we can remove and ban the suspicious account from our platform. 

Do I need to create a “rental contract” when I place my sign on someone’s property?

We will leave this up to you to decide.  We do not provide any contract templates.

I am a tenant living in a rental property.  Am I able to list their home on this site to find a sign for the rented property without consenting them first?

We will leave this up to you to decide, however, we strongly encourage you to notify your landlord of your intentions.  Since many properties, especially condos, are bound by their own certain bylaws, it is important that you understand the bylaws and respect the wishes of your landlord in order to preserve your relationship with them.

Why am I asked to place a location/address for my signage, digital property, and/or digital ad?  That doesn’t really make sense.

Our platform is based off of maps functionality which is a user friendly way to browse any type of listings, in general.  Although it might not make the most sense to ask for a location of a sign, the point is for your sign to be visible to others and map functionality does this well.  Consider placing the “location” of your sign on the map to be somewhere in the city you may want to put that sign.  Or consider placing the “location” of your sign to simply be your business address.  The same logic applies to digital property and/or digital ads.  Place the “location” of these items somewhere on the map that makes the most sense to you.

Have another question?

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