Welcome to MyPropertyYourSign – Why Signs Work for Small Businesses and Our Platform

Welcome to MyPropertyYourSign where the inner city to the city limits can be utilized for affordable and even free advertising space.  Signs are a great way to promote your local business with little effort and time.

Reach Your People

MyPropertyYourSign allows willing homeowners to offer their property to help support your local business.  Find communities where your sign would stand out and where your sign would draw a curious customer base.  Don’t be afraid to offer small discounts with promo codes on your signs and also include your website on your sign to drive even more curiosity to your potential customer base.

Make it Professional

Pride of ownership should not be forgotten.  Make a sign look professional, classy, and expensive, like art.  While the signs don’t need to be expensive, take time to create the proper colors and symbols and fonts that will convey to others that you are articulate and pay attention to detail. 


It’s not a secret why billions are spent on advertising each year.  The fact is, people remember advertisements and names of companies who advertise often.  There are many ways to get consumers to hear of your business; signage is one of them.

MyPropertyYourSign Platform

Remember, MyPropertyYourSign not only provides you with a platform to connect with potential advertising spots, it also provides you with a platform to connect with potential customers of your business.  What if someone wants to charge you $15 a month to have your sign on their lawn?  Why not offer them a discount on your product or services instead?  They may end up being a long time customer from then on.


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